Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Global Focus Class At Work

 Pray for the Students and Faculty and Staff of the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela. Three classes are currently being taught.  See the previous blog post.

Pictured here are students in the Global Focus class discussing how the Gospel first came to their communities/people group. Our Dean, Dan, is teaching this course and handling all the administration of the seminary along with help from Nancy, Sam, Laura, Ana, Marcia and others.  Pray for all involved as these student and pastoral leaders learn to take the whole Gospel to the whole world!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Seminary Expands

After 8 years of operation and significant impact on the pastors and churches of Venezuela, the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela expanded this week offering not just two classes, but three. Rev. Carey Akin, Mission Pastor at Mt. Bethel UMC in Marietta, begins teaching today: "Prayer and Devotional Life of the Pastor."  Yesterday Professor and SEMWESVEN graduate, Wilmer Perez, began teaching "Inductive Bible Study I," the first half of a prerequisite course for all subsequent Bible courses in the Seminary.  25 students attended that first class. Additionally, our Dean, Dan began teaching "Global Outreach I," the first half of a powerful mission course. 27 Students attended the first day of the Global Focus course. 

In December Dan will be teaching the "Gospel of Mark" and Professor Perez will be teaching "Inductive Bible Study II." This will be tough week for Dan as he will be teaching a 2 credit course in one week, or essentially teaching all day, every day . Pastor Perez's course will be at night as is the case this week.

This step up to three courses in one week is the precursor to even further expansion of the program. In 2011 we plan to offer courses in back-to-back weeks with a third period of teaching during the middle weekend. For example, the Students would arrive on Campus on Sunday night and begin classes Monday afternoon of the first week.  I would teach Preaching for Response I, and Dan would teach Global Focus II.  On  the weekend Jesus Rivera, a student in the seminary with an advanced degree, would teach Self-Confrontation. The next week Professor David Thompson would teach The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.  (These courses are still being determined, but this is an example). This would allow the students to save a lot of travel time as some are coming from all across the nation and travel as much as 24 hours each way to attend the classes. It will also allow us to offer more courses, and hopefully reduce the amount of time it takes to earn a degree.

Other improvements are in the works and we will share them as they become more definite.  Keep up with what God is doing and pray for the work.

Specifically please pray for:
1. Protection by the Lord of Hosts against the constant attacks of Satan on this work.
2. Safety and security of all the students, staff and faculty as well as the campus and materials of the Seminary.
3. Financial resources.  These expansions come at a price.  However, after much prayer, study and exploration with students, pastors and alumni, this clearly appears to be the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Pray that God will raise up new and generous donors and that our current givers will be most generous.

You can send your gifts to:
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