Saturday, April 08, 2006

Send a Mission Team

McEachern Memorial United Methodist Church in Marietta, GA adopted the Punta Fijo United Methodist Church a couple of years ago. Mission Teams have constructed a church building, shown above in its earliest stages. They have also led Vacation Bible Schools, participated in reaching the lost of Punta Fijo and provided support and scholarship aide to the pastors, Juvenal and Nohely Perez (below). The Perez's are in their fourth year of seminary and are leading this congregation in a dynamic ministry with children and their families. They expect to serve over 1,000 children in the second half of 2006. Much of this is made possible by the faithful and generous service of the congregation in Marietta. Mission Team members testitify this experience with Punta Fijo has been the most significant spiritual experience of their lives. Mission Pastor, Donna Goff, tells Venezuela Now that McEachern is ready to partner with a second UMC congregation in Venezuela. We are expectantly waiting to see what God will do through this new partnership. When McEachern started working with the Punta Fijo UMC, the Venezuelan congregation had lost their lease, had no land and had no place to meet or do ministry. The pastors and family were surviving on about $50 US a month. Today this is one of the many thriving UMC's in Venezuela. What a difference one church can make in the development of a new Conference of the UMC in Venezuela!

Now, your church can make the same kind of difference in the life of a congregation in Venezuela while exposing members of your mission team to a life changing experience. A short four hour direct flight (as of this writing) from Atlanta, Venezuela is very accessible to US mission teams. The people of Venezuela are generous, warm and welcoming. Venezuela Now focuses its ministry on the population centers of that country. Currently we have only one UMC in Caracas, a strategic city of Venezuela and South America. The Caracas First UMC desperately needs a US congregatioon to form a strategic partnership and cooperatively develop this UM ministry to this major city. This is true of of a dozen other cities and churches across Venezuela.

Additionally, The Wesley Association (the Venezuelan corporate experession of Venezuela Now, Inc.) is on the verge of purchasing the land for the building of the Seminaro Weselyano de Venezuela and we will need dozens of mission teams for its construction.

For an exciting, transforming, long-term mission partnership, consider a relationship with the brand new United Methodist Church of Venezuela and the only UM Seminary in Venezuela. Contact, for more information.

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