Friday, April 06, 2007

Report of March Seminary

Seminary in March!

We had our second week of “seminario intensivo” from March 19 – 23. As always, it was an exciting time for the pastors and church leaders of some 20+ congregations and several denominations to come together to become better prepared to serve their communities and congregations.

Jon Herrin taught one of the courses this time around—“the Synoptic Gospels”—and had a blast. We’re not sure if the students enjoyed the course more or if he did! They learned about where the Gospels came from, who they were written for, and then they dove into them, extracting the precious jewels of God's amazing love for us. The students preached, wrote poems and songs based on the scriptures, and penned prayers. For many, this “inductive” approach to Scripture is something very new…but also very refreshing and exciting.

David Thompson came from N. Georgia to teach a course on “Cults, Sects and False Doctrines.” He was enthusiastically received…this, his third time to be with us. Because we do have a plethora of cults and sects (some of Christian derivation and some of indigenous or other), the pastors, teachers and leaders were very eager to learn the history of the cults and sects we have here…and how to combat their attractive but false doctrines. David gave them wonderful resources to help identify false doctrines, and gave the students great opportunities to discuss the sects and cults they’ve come up against and how they dealt with them.

As we ended our time together, it was once again a time to celebrate the goodness of God and the joy of having a place like the “Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela” where they can come and learn better how to proclaim the truth of God and how to serve their communities. Of course, they’re all looking forward to the June seminary when Warren Lathem (District Superintendent of Atlanta-Marietta District and President of the Seminary) will teach “Worship that Transforms” and our missionary to VE with the Methodist work and Academic Dean of the Seminary will teach “Holiness in the Book of Acts.” Please keep the seminary students and leaders in your prayers throughout the year.