Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Work Continues Even When Seminary Is Not In Session

Almost every weekend a different church is using the Campus of the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela for Men's, Women's, Youth, Children's Retreats, Chuch-wide Retreats, Evangelism Retreats, Discipleship Retreats, Marriage Enrichment Retreats, International Leadership Institute programs and more. This enables hundreds to be discipled, scores to be evangelized, Youth and Children to be nurtured in the faith and marriages to be enriched.  We are raising up leadership for the entire Protestant Church in Venezuela.

The income from the facility fees from these groups allows us to keep Seminary Tuition affordable and creates a resource for ministry that is not otherwise available to them in the Lara state,  Facilities are also maintained and improved though the presence of these groups.,

We just wanted you to know that even during the weeks when Seminary is not meeting, we are still in ministry to many people and making a difference for Christ.