Sunday, June 22, 2008

Praise God!

The picture on the left was taken at the North Georgia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church as a check was presented to Venezuela Now, Inc. for $55,000. Pictured here are Warren Lathem, James Cantrell and Lindsey Davis. Bishop and Mrs Davis designated the Conference love offering for missions and Venezuela Now is a thankful recipient.

We are also pleased to annouce that Dr. James Cantrell, District Superintendent of the Atlanta Decatur Oxford District, has agreed to become the Director of Development for Venezuela Now, Inc. His first goal is to recruit 150 people who will give a minimum of $1,000 each per year for five years to benefit the Wesley Seminary of Venezuela.

How will we use the $55,000? We will combine it with some cash we already have and make the initial payment for the La Piedad Property (pictured in a previous post). That will leave a $250,000 balance to be paid by the end of 2008.

How will we pay the $250,000 balance? Only by God's help. On Thursday noon at Annual Conference Dr. Maxey Dunnam was preaching and asked, "How long has it been since you attempted something that is impossible to accomplish without God's help?" I had to confess it had been a while. I felt convicted in that moment to move ahead with the purchase trusting God to provide the balance required. All our US and Venezuelan advisors have said we must buy this property. So we are committed. We cannot wait to see how God provides the increase!

If you are reading this and God touches your heart, you can send a check to the address above. or if you would like to discuss this further, you may contact me at

Pictured below are the Morales families serving the UMC in North Georgia. These folks had attended the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela before coming to Georgia to serve congregations here. Efrain and Bethsaida (pictured on left behind Warren) will be among the 12 first graduates of the seminary in August. Praise God for all His blessings!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Great Testimonies of Wesley Seminary Students

Blair, son of our Academic Dean, was in Venezuela for the June seminary session of the Wesley Seminary of Venezuela. As he was leaving, he was stopped by Pastor Mario Maita, one of our young pastors in Puerto Ordaz. He said to Blair, “I know it is a hardship for you to have your parents as missionaries in another country. Thank you for making that sacrifice for the Lord. The ministry of your father has fulfilled many needs in Venezuela and been a blessing to many in Venezuela. Right now you may not fully understand all of this but later you may understand that the sacrifice you are making is important to others. I pray that God will make it up to you in your life.”


Now, hear what some of the rest of the students had to say.

The two classes this time were fabulous with excellent professors. The small groups were a joy as I got to know my fellow students better. Thank you for the wonderful work you have done for us.-Francisca Silva (First time student)

The class has been a guide and a tool for putting into practice cell groups. I have seen now that in the place where I am ministering there are things that we are doing that have hampered multiplication and growth. Thank God and you, professor, that this week I have seen where we were failing. Today I return with the firm decision to multiply the cell groups of my church in the following six months. -Antonio Toloza (Currently pastoring a church of over 400)

During my time at the seminary I have put great effort into my studies. I have a home with children, a husband as well as the church and other things to do but many nights during these months I have worked late into the night doing homework. But now, how wonderful it is that I am going to graduate. I am accomplishing a great dream that I have had and I give thanks to the Lord for the seminary. God bless you for accepting the call to come to Venezuela and teach. -Yolando Caicedo

This seminary is considered by all the students and by myself the best in Venezuela. Thanks to the Lord for people like you. - Adolfo Lameda

There was very good and clear instructions that were very practical and very useful especially in the starting of cell groups. I learned and corrected aspects of my cell groups in the church. This has been very useful and a blessing in my life. It was an answer to my prayers to the Lord. The process of learning was accompanied by joy, happiness and the presence of the Lord. – Dr. Alberto Mendoza

I am very happy to be studying with the Methodists and with their professors. They are all very good and marvelous. –Jose Yepez

This has been very practical and along with my husband we plan to have a seminar in my church on cell groups. Dr. Marie de Pirona, Pediatrician. (She and her husband have 6 preaching places and the largest congregation is over 400 attendance and the smallest is a Chinese congregation).

I give thanks to God for the Wesley Seminary that has been a great blessing for my life. God bless you, Bishop Juvenal Perez