Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Report From Dan and Nancy

Below are some excerpts of Dan and Nancy's recent report from some of their work with the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela and the UMC of Venezuela as well as several other churches.  God is doing amazing things through the ministry of the students and graduates of the Seminary reminiscent of the Book of Acts and the early Methodist Movement in America.

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

·        Since February, over 150 persons have made first-time decisions to follow Jesus through the ministry of the Ondas de Paz UMC, where Alex and Ama serve as pastors
·        On February 27th Dan preached at the Kabod church in Nirgua, and a first-time visitor said “Yes” to Jesus, plus a recent convert made a public profession of faith
·        In January, Dan translated for Warren Lathem’s preaching at Lugar Altisimo, and five young men chose to accept new life in Jesus
·        In March, we learned of a 9th daughter church that is being planted by Restoration UMC, with Ivan Parra as the man chosen to lead this church plant
·        For the past six months, Carlos and Maria Pirona have been making the 6+ hour trip to Caracas at least twice per month, to work with two new cell groups there, one of which includes government employees
·        Three weeks ago a Due West mission team partnered with Pastor Smith Useche to advance the work in the Valle Dorado community, where hundreds of children reside – they are building a combination medical clinic and sanctuary
·        This past week we learned that Pastors Franklin and Hilde Peroza are in the processing of buying a house where their cell group congregation can host monthly worship experiences with all the cell groups combined – this is made possible through the growth of the cell groups and their passionate giving to the cause of Christ

In addition to the transformed lives and recent conversions that these various stories represent, they are also important because each of these churches and/or pastors has a direct connection with the Wesleyan Seminary of Venezuela.  The leaders mentioned above are all currently attending Seminary classes or they are recent graduates of the Seminary.  YOUR support of our ministry here in Venezuela is making a significant impact, and we want to thank you. 

Through your partnership with us we are able to provide leadership, teaching, translation, administrative and financial guidance, and all the other things necessary to sustain the kind of hands-on theological training that the Seminary offers.  Without your partnership, this would not be possible.  Alex, Ama, Ivan, Carlos, Maria, Smith, Franklin, Hilde, and MANY MORE like them are being positively impacted through the Seminary’s ministry, and they in turn are being used by the Spirit to transform people and communities in Venezuela.  We are deeply grateful for the eternal difference that your prayers and your giving make here.

 Please continue praying for us, and please continue giving to make our ministry here possible.

Particular Prayer Concerns for Now Include:
·        Praise for how much we are enjoying our work here
·        Guidance for our future (we continue to pray for discernment concerning our length of time here)
·        Mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical strength for Dan to finish his dissertation
·        Continued nurture and health for our Ethiopian grandchild, yet unknown to us but intimately known and loved by God
·        Financial provision for us personally, that our ministry will continue to be funded
·        Financial provision for the Seminary to finish building the security fence around the Seminary property
·        Financial provision to add increased security measures to our home (razor wire, a front wall with metal bars, etc.)
·        Continued divine protection with legions of angels around us, our home, and the Seminary property

To partner with us financially, make your check payable to Venezuela Now, Inc., and write “Project 3455” on the memo line.  Mail to VNI, P. O. Box 1655, Duluth, GA  30096. "Project 3455" is an account used exclusively to support the ministry of Dan and Nancy.  All un-designated funds go directly to the support of the Seminary in Venezuela and no North American receives any remuneration from those funds for the Seminary.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Great News Out of Venezuela!

Last Sunday we reported 125 professions of faith at the Ondas De Paz United Methodist Church of Venezuela. That was on just one Sunday. Wednesday night they reported 8 more adults became disciples of Jesus. 
Dan shared this today: yesterday (Sunday) our friend Bishop Juvenal Perez (a graduate of the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela) preached in the morning at Pastor Guillermo's church (a current seminary student) and 60 people made first-time decisions to follow Jesus - he preached last night at Pastor Alberto's church (a seminary graduate) and 40 people made first-time decisions to follow Jesus - God is so good!!!!

It is remarkable how God is working through the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela and the United Methodist Church of Venezuela. "Thank you" to all who are supporting this work! Get on board with one of the greatest moves of the Spirit in the 21st Century in one of the most opportune places to serve. 

Venezuela Now, Inc.
PO Box 1655
Duluth, GA  30096