Monday, February 26, 2007

Project Opportunities in Venezuela for 2007

Below are some of the ministry partnership opportunities currently available to churches and individuals desiring to work with the United Methodist Church of Venezuela. If you are interested, contact Jon at

1) Tumeremo—eastern Venezuela—project: re-roof SS rooms; renovate interior, cut windows, etc. Pastor Cheo and Monica Gomez. Fly from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz; bus from Puerto Ordaz to Tumeremo (3 hours).

2) Puerto Ordaz—eastern Venezuela—project: renovate worship area--replace some roofing, do some simple re-wiring, painting, etc. Pastor Victor and Elizabeth Ramirez. They have a good children's ministry, so a team can be a wonderful part of that. Fly from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz.

3) La Concordia—central Venezuela, outside of Barquisimeto—project: children's home project; heavy to light construction, a zillion kids, and four missions/children s groups for Bible School. Pastora Yolanda Rivero. Fly from Caracas to Barquisimeto; van to Quibor (45 min.)

4) Boca de Garza—southwestern Venezuela—project: light to heavy construction on dorms for future mission teams; finishing work on small sanctuary; dispensing medical supplies; children’s ministries. Pastor Saturnino and Leonor Sanchez. This is a very rural setting. Team members will sleep in hammocks and travel much by river launch…in a beautiful area. Fly from Caracas to Barinas; bus/van from Barinas to Boca de Garza (5 hours +/-)…or fly from Caracas to Sto. Domingo de Táchira; bus/van to El Canton (1.5 hours); boat to Boca (2.5 hours)—this all depends on whether team arrives in rainy season or dry season.

5) Cabudare—central Venezuela, outside of Barquisimeto—project: children’s and youth Bible schools; community outreach through puppet programs. Pastor Jeremias and Elsa Lopez. Fly from Caracas to Barquisimeto; van to hotel (30 min.).

6) Buenos Aires—central Venezuela, outside of Barquisimeto—project: construct SS classroom for children’s ministry; hold children and youth Bible schools. Pastor Alberto and Cecilia Casas. Fly from Caracas to Barquisimeto; van to Quibor (45min).

7) Caracas—capital city—project: Bible schools for children and youth. Pass out evangelical literature and drug/sexual abstinence materials. Pastor Francisco and Elva Lopez. Van/bus from airport in Caracas to work area (1-2 hours).

8) La Concordia/Rodeo/San José de Tintin--central Venezuela, between Barquisimeto and Quibor--project(s): Renovation of day care centers...may include repainting, rewiring, replumbing; provide simple Bible school for children ages 4-6. Pastora Yolanda Rivero. Fly from Caracas to Barquisimeto; van to Quibor (45 min.)

General Project Hopes/Desires:

  • Mime teams that can share the Gospel and encourage the youth to practice sexual and drug abstinence. This team (s) would be used in town squares, high schools, and church settings. These have been especially requested for San Cristóbal, Punto Fijo, Cabudare and Barquisimeto.
  • Music teams to come and sing…both in English and Spanish (hey, if choirs can learn songs in Latin and Italian, they can learn to sing Spanish songs). These teams would probably provide Bible schools as well. Concerts in town squares, high schools and churches. These have been especially requested for Cabudare and Barquisimeto.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Here is a report from the first fulltime missionary to go from the Seminario Wesleyan de Venezuela, Fabio Carrasquel. Fabio attended seminary for over three years before responding to God's call to go to Paraquay as a missionary. He packed his young family and moved to a place of service and sacrifice for Christ. In our last seminary session the professors and students gave a special offering to support his work for Christ. This letter is in repsonse to receiving that gift.

"Please give my honest thanks to all the students, missionaries, and professors, thank you for believing in what God is doing in this country,

My family is doing fine, the first days were hard, because almost everything was different, but now we can say that we survived, God has been faithful, and he has protected us every time.

I remember every class and every moment at the seminary, your classes, and other people's classes that touched my life in an extraordinary way, I hope in God to see you again, and share testimonies of His greatness, but over all keep learning from your lives.

Greetings to everyone, remember that here in Asuncion, Paraguay,You have a friend, waiting for you, if you want to come, my house is your house."

Please pray for Fabio and his family as well as the seminary that has made such a difference in his life. Your support for Venezuela Now, Inc. and the Seminary is making a very real difference for Christ.

Here is a picture of Fabio and his family with Dean of Students, Dan Dunn, just before they were deployed to Paraguay.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Institute of Church Planting Begins

This is the first week of classes for the Institute of Church Planting offered by the Wesleyan Seminary of Venezuela. About 20 students and pastors have signed up for the classes which meet for 4 weeks per year for 2 years. The Dean of the Seminary is teaching the class. He taught this material in Mexico and it had tremendous impact on the work of the church in that country. All week these student pastors will be meeting with him to learn the basic principles of planting new churches.

This is so critical for Venezuela. It is known as the most secular country in South America. At least 40% of the communities in Venezuela have no church of any kind. While most Venezuelans identify themselves as Roman Catholics, most are simply culturally Catholic and are in no significant relationship with any Christian church.

The cost of the Church Planting Institute is $20,000 a year for 2 years. Venezuela Now, Inc. is committed to raising this money in the US, but as of today almost none of the funding is in hand. You and your church can help with this very important ministry of the Seminary. Please pray about what you and do and send your support for the Institute of Church Planting to Venezuela Now at the address given at the top of this Blog.

We also expect to offer a second session for about 30 pastors/students in the Bolivar State at Puerto Ordaz. The cost of this effort is included in the above stated cost for each of the two years. This is a great opportunity to have a tremendous impact on the people of Venezuela. We must not fail to provide the support required for this to move forward. You can help.