Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hur and Lucy Morales and girls

Hur, Lucy, Keren, Helem, and Zaret Morales.

Hur and Lucy are now serving in the Marietta Hispanic Ministry at the St. Stephen and Hollydale UMC's in Marietta, GA, USA. Prior to moving here in September, 2005, the Morales' served the Lord in a church in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Hur and Lucy were students in the Wesley Seminary before coming to the United States. Keren and Helem are students at the Powers Ferry Elementary School in Marietta. They are doing extrememly well in spite of speaking only Spanish before coming to the US. Hur and Lucy are studying English and will be advancing thier education so they can return to Venezuela and assist the United Methodist Church of Venezuela. Hur is the son of Efrain and Bethsaida Morales. Efrain is our pastor in Cabudare, Odas de Paz United Methodist Church. He and Bethsiada are key leaders in the UMC in Venezuela.

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