Sunday, February 19, 2006

Odas de Paz UMC, Cabudare, Venezuela, a suburb of Barquisimeto

Pictured here (left) is Efrain Morales, Pastor of Ondas De Paz UMC in Cabudare, Venezuela. Brother Efrain is one of our leading pastors in Venezuela, a faithful student in the Wesley Seminary and a great leader of the UMC of Venezuela. He is also father of Lim Morales Lathem, wife of Jared Lathem and Daughter in law of Warren and Jane Lathem. He and his wife, Bethsiada have three children, Hur, Betha and Lim. All three children currently live in the United States.

Rev. Morales has a true heart for mission. Not only is he the pastor of Odas de Paz UMC, but also founded the Lugar Altissimo UMC where Pastor Yolanda serves and has also established a mission congregation in Pandido.