Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Institute of Church Planting Begins

This is the first week of classes for the Institute of Church Planting offered by the Wesleyan Seminary of Venezuela. About 20 students and pastors have signed up for the classes which meet for 4 weeks per year for 2 years. The Dean of the Seminary is teaching the class. He taught this material in Mexico and it had tremendous impact on the work of the church in that country. All week these student pastors will be meeting with him to learn the basic principles of planting new churches.

This is so critical for Venezuela. It is known as the most secular country in South America. At least 40% of the communities in Venezuela have no church of any kind. While most Venezuelans identify themselves as Roman Catholics, most are simply culturally Catholic and are in no significant relationship with any Christian church.

The cost of the Church Planting Institute is $20,000 a year for 2 years. Venezuela Now, Inc. is committed to raising this money in the US, but as of today almost none of the funding is in hand. You and your church can help with this very important ministry of the Seminary. Please pray about what you and do and send your support for the Institute of Church Planting to Venezuela Now at the address given at the top of this Blog.

We also expect to offer a second session for about 30 pastors/students in the Bolivar State at Puerto Ordaz. The cost of this effort is included in the above stated cost for each of the two years. This is a great opportunity to have a tremendous impact on the people of Venezuela. We must not fail to provide the support required for this to move forward. You can help.

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