Sunday, November 15, 2009

Valle Dorado UMC Gets Started!

Valle Dorado United Methodist Church is one of the 'daughter' churches begun by Carlos and Maria Pirona's church: Iglesia Methodista Restauracion. Pastors Carlos and Maria are both graduates of the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela. Smith Useche is the pastor of the ministry in this area. Smith attends classes at the Seminary when he can. He also has another job to provide a living for his family. Currently Smith meets on Tuesday and Thursday nights in homes in the area. They call these 'cell groups' (celulas). On Saturday night they have their worship service, meeting outside, under the stars. Usually they have about 50 in attendance. The people in this area would have to take two buses to attend Iglesia Methodista Restauracion and are grateful to have this church beginning in their area of the city which has no other Protestant or Evangelical church..

The area of the city, or you might say the neighborhood, is called Valle Dorado (Valley of Gold). There are four other neighborhoods surrounding it, with a possibility to reach thousands of people. When the city developed this area they set aside land for a catholic church (this is common in Latin America - that the government would set aside a piece of property in a development for the catholic church) but those who were moving into the area demanded that there also be property set aside for an evangelical church (non-catholic). So when you drive into the area off of the main highway you first pass the catholic church, our property is farther in the development, really in the middle of the homes, ie; closer to the people.

The church property is 97.5 feet by 81 feet (30X25 meters). Currently there is a storage room on the property, about 12 feet by 8 feet. It has a toilet in it and is where they store chairs. There is electricity on the property. There is an area of tin supported by poles that provides some shelter. Carlos already has architect plans for the property. A security wall surrounds the property, a must before any other construction could begin. A mission team from the US is already scheduled to go and help build the church as well as conduct Vacation Bible School each evening. More teams are needed. Contact us for more information.

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Hur Morales said...

This is a blessing, as a Venezuelan I feel quite pleased with the work God has accomplished through you all.
My prayer is that the Lord continue filling life, health and blessings to each of his servants to leave the comfort, safety and even health have devoted their lives to the ministry in Venezuela.
My respect and admiration for each and every one.
God bless you and may God bless Venezuela.