Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Birth of a New UMC in Venezuela

Franklin and Hilde are people of great faith and obedience. They are both teaching assistants at the Seminaro Wesleyano de Venezuela and will be great leaders in the UM movement in Venezuela. Another seminary student, Jairo, is the contractor for the work that has been done on this site. They hauled almost a dozen trucks full of debris from the site before they could start the reconstruction.

Franklin, Hilde, Emily and me at the site of a new UM congregation forming in the center of Barquisimeto. Fraklin and Hilde are students in the Seminary and became Methodists through this relationship. Through their course work they were called to start a cell group ministry, then to target the Sunday vendors in the central market. Then the Lord led them to purchase this over 100 year old house and remodel for the congregation. The walls and floor are about done. Worship will begin there soon. As resources come in they will put on a roof and tile on the floor, etc. Maybe your church would like to partner with this new UMC congregation to help with this project - this would be a great Mission Team destination. These are sharp Christian leaders!

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