Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tomorrow we travel to Punto Fijo, the coastal town where McEachern UMC in Marietta, GA has done so much work. In this picture you can see the sanctuary constructed by memebers of the McEachern and the Punta Fijo churches. Pastors Juneval and Nohely Perez serve this congregation located in a very poor are of Venezuela. For several years Juvenal has been inviting Warren to travel to Punta Fijo to preach. Finally we were able to work a trip into our schedule.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights Warren will be leading a preaching crusade in Punta Fijo. On Saturday he will conduct a Pastor's Seminar. On Sunday morning we will attend worship at the Punto Fijo Church.

Please pray for these efforts. Pray that many will come to know Christ through the preaching mission. Pray that the pastors will discover the joy of becoming missional pastors leading their churches into the essential mission of the church: Making Disciples of Jesus Christ. Pray this will be a time of encouragement for Juvenal and Nohely.

When we first got to know the Perez,' they were living on $20 a months serving this congregation. Then they lost their lease on their worship space. But God has been faithful Now they have their own church building, they have an adequate salary and are in their 4th year of studies at the Wesely Seminary of Venezuela. The first baptism in thier new church was their own son. We thank God for his grace to this faithful couple and his provision for them. We are thankful for having a small part in this work.

Juvenal and Nohely have a passion for people to know Christ, especially children. They have built the largest children's ministry in the Venezuelan United Methodist Church. Much of this has been possible thorough the very productive long-term partnership with McEachern. Perhaps your church could benefit as has McEachern through dveloping a partnership with one of our Venezuelan congregations. Email us at if you would like to explore this wonderful opportunity.

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