Sunday, June 10, 2007

June Report

Below is a report posted by my wife, Jane, on her blog: Cozy Reader. I hope you will read her report of our recent trip to Venezuela. Additionally, I wanted to report that we had a great week of seminary at the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela. About 55 students attended the classes. The Academic Dean taught "Holiness in the New Testament. I taught "Worship that Transforms." Again we experienced the most responsive students David or I have ever taught. That includes the Dean's experience in multiple Latin American countries and a career of teaching.

Additionally, we had multiple meetings with the United Methodist pastors. They decided to have their organizatoinal annual conference on August 17 and 18, 2007. This historic event will include the formal approval of their External Documents of Incorporation (Discipline) and the election of thier first Bishop and officers. They will also continue work on their Internal Documents (Discipline). Due to the laws common in Latin America, these two functions must remain seperate.

Of course at the Conference, we will engage in the vital worship so intregal to the Venezuelan United Methodist Church. They always lift our spirits when we worship with them.

Anyone who would like to attend this historic event is invited contact me for further information. Also, I want to thank our ministry partners for your support of the work in Venezuela.

We drove from Maiquetia (the location of the airport) to Barquisimeto (about a 5 hour drive) and the scenery is spectacular. The airport is located on the coast and you drive immediately into the hills.

The roads are curvy but it pays off. We made a few stops along the way for snacks and potty breaks and to snap some pictures.

Another shot from the drive through the mountains. The pictures just do NOT do it justice.

Here is one of many flower stands on the streets of Barquisimeto. They grow beautiful flowers of many varieties and they are very inexpensive.

I just had to snap this picture. There is a plastic chair in the tree! We decided it was a Venezuelan "high chair"!!

This is Wilmer and Juni and their precious new baby boy, Wilmer, Jr. They are active members of Lugar Altisimo UMC outside of Barquisimeto, VZ. They are a wonderful young couple.

Little Wilmer is absolutely adorable. He was all smiles and entertained us while we were there. He is three months old.

These are some of the seminary students. Each morning is started with a worship service led by one of the students. The singing is always beautiful. They are all so grateful for the opportunity to attend seminary and be better trained to serve their churches.

Here are three of the students at the seminary. They each have very effective churches. (L-R) Cheo, Thoby and Carlos are all passionate about their ministries and about reaching Venezuela for Christ.

We were able to spend some time with our dear friends, who are missionaries who are also missionaries there. Please be in prayer for these families. There are shortages of many items including eggs, milk, chicken, cooking oil, toilet paper, sugar and butter. They can get these items sometimes but not all the time. The political situation is fragile and they watch things very closely. Pray for their safety and for their ministry with the people of Venezuela.

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Rev. Joey Hatchell said...

Excellent work for the glory of God. You and the entire church of Ven. have been in our prayers at Faith UMC and will continue to pray for this glorious mission. May God's work continue to be a blessing to so many in South America and in the U.S. God Bless and keep you. Pastor Joey Hatchell, Faith UMC