Monday, August 20, 2007

A Memorable Week of Seminary at Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela

Seminary began on Monday afternoon, August 13, 2007 at the rented facilities of the Assembly of God Bible Institute in Barquisimeto, Venezuela with Dr. Leroy Lindsey, Professor. Dr. Lindsey is the Dean of the OMS Biblical Seminary of Mexico (SemBiMex). A lifelong missionary, he speaks perfect Spanish. He also has a great heart for the work in Venezuela having been here on previous occasions. He is loved by the students and always makes a great impact on them.

About half of the 55 students attending these classes were United Methodists and the rest were from a variety of denominations, the Assembly of God being prominent due to his long history in Venezuela. Fortunately the United Methodist movement in Venezuela has been able to establish a very close working relationship with the AOG. Several of our professors have spoken in their chapel classes and taught in their classrooms. This has been a tremendous blessing since our Seminary still does not have its own location.

In the morning classes, Dr. Lindsey taught the Inductive Study of the Book of Hebrews. In the afternoon classes, he taught Wesleyan Holiness. The two subjects complimented one another perfectly. His passion for teaching and ministry through teaching was evident in all he did.

On Wednesday afternoon, as he was speaking of the purity of heart that God desires of his children and the holiness of life expected of those who follow Christ, one of the students stood up, interrupted the lecture and declared, “I want this now!” A revival in the truest sense of the word exploded in the classroom. Dozens of pastors and students began to weep and confess their sin and their need of the “holiness without which no one will see the Lord.” Some stood, some knelt and some sprawled on the floor as the power of the Holy Spirit descended on that upper room. A transformational work of the Spirit was experienced in many lives. It was as if the years of teaching these most receptive students erupted in one afternoon of transformational glory. This experience of the Spirit of Christ will bear fruit for many years in the work of the Christian church in Venezuela.

This also set the stage for a most remarkable experience on the weekend as the United Methodist Church of Venezuela was officially born. Praise God for his mercy and grace in Jesus Christ!


Melli said...

Amen! Congratulations and blessings on the new United Methodist Church of Venezuela!

(Jane sent me!)

Belinda Peterson said...

What a great story. I love the revival.
Praise God!