Friday, October 12, 2007

October Seminary Offers 3 Courses

The October Seminary week begins Monday, October 15, 2007 at 2:00 in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Rev. Donna Goff will teach a 2 credit hour course on the Minor Prophets. Our Academic Dean will teach a 2 credit hour course on Holiness in the New Testament. President Warren Lathem will give the classroom instruction for a 6 credit hour Practice of Ministry Course: Community Ministries. This course requires a very intensive application within the local parish.

This is Rev. Goff's second teaching foray in the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela. However, she is a veteran of the work in Venezuela. Serving in her capacity as Minister of Missions at the McEachern UMC in Marietta, GA, Rev. Goff has led her church in its historic partnership with the Rey de Reys UMC in Punto Fijo, Venezuela. The pastor,Juvenal Perez, of this Venezuelan church was elected to be the first Bishop of the United Methodist Church of Venezuela. Bishop Perez and his wife, Nohely have been faithful students in the seminary since its inception.

The Academic Dean on October 12 finished a week of a special seminary class on Inductive Bible Study. At last report 18-20 students had enrolled in this course. This course in the Inductive Method is a prerequisite for all Bible courses. It has been offered twice before in the last 6 years. However, as we continue to attract new students, we must offer the prerequisite courses more often than indicated in the plan of the regular curriculum.

President Lathem's Practice of Ministry course, Community Ministries, is designed to lead the student/pastors to develop effective ministries beyond the normal worship/study routine so prevalent in Venezuela. This is in the best Wesleyan tradition of holiness of heart and life or living our our faith in specific tangible ways that offer healing, help and hope to people beyond the local congregation.

The Dean has just finished another week of instruction in the Church Planting Institute in Puerto Ordaz. This is the second week of this training offered both in Puerto Ordaz and Barquisimeto. The third courses will be taught in Barquisimeto in November and in Puerto Ordaz in December.

In November the Dean will also welcome a Georgia Orthopedic Surgeon for a week of exploration and fact-finding that is the prelude to a potential medical mission to San Cristobal, Venezuela. Also in December, the seminary will host the International Leadership Institute in Barquisimeto. This event is sponsored by the McEachern UMC.

Please pray for this week of seminary and for safe travel. Pray for the Institute of Church Planting. Pray for the Doctor and the potential medical mission. Pray for the Leadership Institute. Also pray for more partners to join the work of this important mission to Venezuela and Latin America.

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