Saturday, November 03, 2007

Othopaedist to Venezuela

As I write this a good friend and Christian doctor is heading to Venezuela. He will land at the Caracas airport tonight about 10:00 being met by the Dean of the Seminary, David Cosby. They will stay tonight at a Mision Guest House before flying to San Cristobal tomorrow.

This medical doctor desires to take a full Orthopaedic Surgical Mission Team to Venezuela. He has been on such a trip to other Latin American countries. This is not going to be easy to do given the state of affairs in Venezuela. However, we know God is greater than any obstacles we face.

The Doctor, our Dean and his wife, Samuel Rojas, our Venezuela Now Ministry Assistant, and Raul and Teolinda Lavinz (Pastor of the First United Methodist Church of San Cristobal and his wife is a pharmacist) will be meeting with other doctors and visiting medical facilities to determine the feasibility of the mission and to work out many of the logistical issues required. This is a significantly complicated project and will require tremendous commitment from this medical team.

Please pray for the Doctor (name withheld for security), our team in Venezuela and for this entire effort. Especially pray for safety for all involved.

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