Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What's Happening?

A lot! Of course the work of the Venezuelan pastors and churches continues every day. These remarkable faithful Christians are a shining example to all who know them. The Americans who have been privileged to meet Bishop Perez and pastors Yolanda, Cheo, Thoby, Raul, Carlos and so many others will never forget these wonderful brothers and sisters!

Also, the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela prepares for its next session in June and its FIRST GRADUATION in August. How faithful God has been! About 100 students call the seminary home. What a privilege it is to be able to better equip them for the work of the ministry and to partner together for the cause of Christ.

We have secured a house to accommodate US Mission Teams. This will save them a great deal of cost and put them in a safe and comfortable environment. We are also in the process of acquiring a second house being purchased by a Venezuelan which can house visiting faculty coming to the seminary and other friends of the work in Venezuela.

Of course, one of the greatest steps will be the acquisition of a site for the seminary. We are trusting the resources for this will come through the special mission/love offering for Bishop Lindsey and Jennifer Davis at this year's North Georgia Conference of the UMC. We have retained an attorney in Venezuela who is working out all the details of this acquisition for the seminary as soon as the resources are available.

Many more wonderful things are happening about which I have no time to write. However, I do ask you to keep this work in your prayers. There is an enemy of Christ, but we trust in the Lion of Judah! He will prevail! Praise the Name of Jesus!

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