Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lugar Altisimo

We received an update from our friends at Lugar Altisimo this week. Some of our Lugar brothers and sisters were freshly motivated during the August Seminary class on Church Growth, and they are enjoying renewed participation in God's work to reach non-Christians in their area. For example, they have reactivated a Friday evening event for young people that had fallen by the wayside, and they are averaging 50-60 teenagers each week. Teens come from the Lugar area, but also from surrounding communities, and the Spirit is drawing people closer to Christ, including non-Christians. They have also begun a Thursday evening Bible study group that focuses on helping non-Christians explore what the Bible teaches about a life of following Jesus. Please pray for Pastor Yolanda and all those who serve in that area. Some of them are pictured here as they share a Bible story with children in a nearby community.

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