Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Due West Mission a Great Success

The Due West United Methodist Church of Marietta, GA sent a large mission team to Venezuela to support the work of United Methodists of Venezuela. They worked on the Seminario Weselyano de Venezuela, worked on an Orphanage at Lugar Altissimo UMC, preached, testified, loved and learned.

They were hosted by David and Carol and served by our Ministry Assistant Samuel, assisted by Yoey and Willie. Their work at the seminary included building a Security Wall, helping erect a large entrance gate, electrical work, painting, finishing tables and more.

Their work at the Orphanage included building the roof, building walls, finishing walls, vacation Bible School activities and worship services. Pastor Yolanda hosted them each day for lunch and helped with the construction (pictures to come later).

The work at the Seminary was a great partnership between the staff of the Seminary, the Due West Team and local United Methodists. Additonally, a team came from Upata, Venezuela (over 20 hours away by bus) and built the gate and worked alongside the Due West Team. Pastors Julio and Maritza are 2008 graduates of the seminary and took a week off from work to assist with this project. Julio is an accomplished welder and contactor in addition to his pastoral work.

This team had a great week and demonstrated the wonderful opportunity for churches in the US to partner with the work in Venezuela. They testify to having had a life changing experience on this mission trip. For this and all they contributed, we are most thankful to God. What a privilege to work with the wonderful Methodist leaders in Venezuela and partner with a wonderful church like Due West.

God has taken what each one has given and blessed it to be a blessing to the nation and the nations of the world. Bless his holy name!

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