Friday, April 16, 2010

Facilities Progress Continues at the Seminary

A new ceiling, lighting and air-conditioning system is being installed in the Dining Hall in preparation for the  guests and the students coming in June as well as Graduation Banquet in August.  We hope to keep the cost for these improvements to less than $3,000US. 

Next week we hope Pastor and Seminary Graduate Julio Lopez and his team from the Upata UMC can complete the security wall on the front street of the Seminary property.  Pastor Lopez and the 5 or 6 men with him will take a week of from work - and therefore compensation - travel over 20 hours each way by bus and give their considerable talents to the ministry of the Seminary.  Pastor Julio is a building contractor (bi-vocational as is the case with most Venezuelan pastors) and has considerable skills and a tremendous work ethic as well as a deep love for the Seminary. We hope to keep the cost of the wall under $4,000US.

Why does any of this matter?  The Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela has a great ministry equipping and empowering pastors and lay leaders for effective, transformational ministry.  Because of the experience received in the seminary, lives are being transformed through the grace of Jesus, ministries are being created, churches are being strengthened, and new churches planted all across the country and across denominational lines.  While the Seminary is the official Methodist Seminary of Venezuela, it also has become one of the most significant educational opportunities for the Assembly of God pastors in Venezuela.  Some of our graduates are teaching in their Bible college and many of their pastors are students at the Seminary.  Because these men and women of God of many denominations are making a difference in the world, they deserve a safe and comfortable place to learn to effectively follow Christ in the Great Commission.

You are invited to a dinner to benefit the Seminary on April 23 at 7:00 at the Due West UMC.  The dinner is free, but of course we will ask for gifts for the Seminary.  Simply call to make a reservation: 404 502 5678.  You can send a gift for this ministry to:
Venezuela Now, Inc.
PO 1655
Duluth, GA 30096

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