Thursday, July 01, 2010

Campus Improvements Continue After a Great Week of Class

The Seminario Wesleyano leadership continues to invest resources in improving the campus and its function as the primary Wesleyan Theological Seminary in Venezuela and as a retreat center for church groups, annual conferences, etc.  Below are some of the pictures of the work being done before and after the recent class.  Here is what is reported by the Academic Dean, David, about the student body and their shared commitment to this ministry:

"On Monday several students asked David to come outside to their car.  They presented to him an air conditioner to be installed in one of the men's dorm rooms.  The other dorm room has an a/c that was given by two other students in April. The students continue to give to the seminary which now includes these two a/c, sheets for the dorms, Internet router large enough to cover the campus, labor to lay tile in the men's bathroom, and labor to weld the security gate and build the security wall.  David has been involved in training national leaders for over 30 years and in four countries and has never seen this kind of support by students for the institution."
This report is indicative of the unique ministry being done by the Seminary.  The reason students are so involved in it is they understand better than anyone how very effective and important this work is for the Kingdom and their own country. 
Here is the most recently donated air conditioner.
Here work progresses on replacing some of the roof, the broken, stained and dirty tile and installing a higher, better ceiling in the dining hall.  Due to this construction, June students ate their meals under an outside awning.  But this will be complete in time for the August Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church of Venezuela and the August session of the Seminary.  It will be the location of the Friday night Graduation Dinner in August as well.

Also shown here are the new sinks installed in the kitchen and the old kitchen sink that was moved outside the kitchen for various uses.  Can you imagine washing dishes three times a day for over 50 people in that old sink?  Our volunteers and employees did that and never complained.  Someone from the US saw the situation and said, this has to be fixed, bought the sinks and they are now installed.  This is such an improvement.  Other improvements continue as well such as construction of the security fence on the front and back of the property, new airconditioners for the dining hall and the installation of the new units in the men's dorms and other timely improvements. We just finished improving the large staff house on campus where Samuel lives and on August will live with his new wife, Laura after their wedding on Sunday after graduation.

We continue to need your prayers and support.  We also need your financial help and we need ministry teams to come to the Seminary.  For more information contact Warren Lathem at or send gifts to Venezuela Now, Inc. 
PO Box 1655, 
Norcross, GA  30096

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