Saturday, August 14, 2010

Graduation, August 14, 2010, LaPiedad, Venezuela

Seminario Wesleyano de Venzuela celebrated its second graduation today after its founding in October, 2002.  Eleven students received the "Bachelor" of Theology degree after 6 or more years of rigorous study and work.  Pictured to the left is our oldest graduate: Luis Beltran Figueroa Rojas, "Abuello" to the other students.

These eleven graduates include pastors and Christian lay leaders who are working effectively to reach the lost of Venezuela.  Some of pastors of very large churches and some have recently started new congregations in their own homes.  Others are pastors of multiple congregations scattered as much as 5 hours apart.  Some have endured significant hardship for the sake of the ministry.  All have sacrificed financial gain in order to reach others with the gospel of Christ.

Additionally, the Officers of the Seminary conferred its first Honorary Doctor of Theology and Sacred Letters Degree to Dean David Cosby.  Dr. Cosby has served a lifetime as a missionary, leading others to Christ and equipping the indigenous leaders in Colombia, Hungary, Mexico and Venezuela.  He and his wife Carol finish their work as residents in Venezuela after they are being reassigned to Mexico where he will be the Field Director of the OMS work in Mexico City.

This is a time of transition as the Cosby's leave Venezuela and Dan and Nancy Dunn take over the leadership of the Seminary.  They will be traveling between the US and Venezuela frequently during the next twelve months. Pictured here:  Jane Lathem, Warren Lathem, Dan Dunn, Nancy Dunn, Carol Cosby, David Cosby.  Warren Lathem will continue to serve as President of the Seminary until a new Venezuelan President can be named at a later date.  This is a part of an intentional process of gradually creating indigenous Christian leaders.  Lathem will continue to serve the Seminary in a capacity to his current one, but with more sharing of leadership with the Venezuelans.

The Seminaro Wesleyano de Venezuela has served as the incubator for the United Methodist Church of Venezuela.  This church recently held its 3rd Annual Conference on the campus of the Seminary.  The conference re-elected Juvenal Perez to his second three year term as Bishop of the Church.  This seminal relationship is celebrated by both the Seminary and the Church.

Here the Bishop meets with Drs. David Cosby and Warren Lathem to consult on matters facing the church. This meeting took place immediately  following the graduation celebration.

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