Thursday, September 02, 2010

Spiritual Warfare

"You armed me with strength for the battle (Ps 18:39)." We have learned in our work of ministry
for nearly 40 years the enemy will attack when we start to "tear down
the strongholds of the devil." Sometimes the attack is subtle, sometimes
vicious. But the "battle belongs to the Lord."

Many Christians do not get this.  Why?  Because we have ceased to engage in spiritual warfare by so compromising the gospel that it has no power to transform or by simply failing to take on the bastions of evil in culture or individuals or even our own lives. So we wander blissfully from Sunday to Sunday unmolested by the devil.  Why does he not fight against us?  Because we have already surrendered.  This is one of the reasons church fights are usually about insignificant things.  I have seen so called Cristian church leaders almost come to blows over the color of the carpet, the placement of the pulpit, the change in the bulletin, the mural on the wall of the nursery, the setting for the thermostat, the layout of the parking lot, the contract for the insurance, and the list is interinable. This is not spiritual warefare. This is just bickering in the family. War is war!  Bunker Buster Booms dropped into the middle of our lives and ministries make it clear this is not just a family squabble.  An enemy has attacked and seeks to destroy us, our lives, our marriages, our children, or effectiveness, our witness and our ministries. The Bible speaks of this as the "shipwreck of faith."  See more of this at

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