Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August Classes Complete - Now To Get To October

August Seminary Classes got off to a great start with worship at the center of all we do. Every day begins with worship and it is not uncommon for worship to erupt during class through a spontaneous move of the Holy Spirit. The students and faculty are almost always sensitive to the working of the Holy Spirit.  Repentance is a key part of vital worship and we have seen some memorable moments of repentance and growth in grace. 

It seems all Venezuelans sing and worship always involves fully participatory, harmonious spontaneous singing. Prayer is also a vital part of worship in the Seminary. Usually the class all prays at the same time, each praying out loud and each praying with abandon.  Even when someone is leading the prayer, unity is is evident in every uttered, "Amen," and "Por Favor, El Senor."  There is a sense in which the whole room is assaulting the gates of hell with prayers of intercession, praise, healing, provision, surrender and deliverance. I have never experienced more vital worship than in the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela.  Praise God.

 But Seminary is not just wonderful worship. It is also hard work, hard academic work.  In August we hosted Dr.'s Leroy and Kay Lindsey.  Kay taught Christian Education for Youth and Adults.  Leroy taught Old Testament Survey.  The Lindsey's are career Missionaries and Educators and are perennial favorites of the students.

Academic Dean Dan Dunn reported: "God is doing amazing things here - they (the students) are thirsty for solid, biblically-based teaching - they WANT to learn.  Altogether (in August) we have welcomed 23 new students to the Seminar's ministry...a total of 51 different students will have participated in the two weeks of classes."

In October we are going offer more classes than we have ever attempted before.  As recently as about a year ago we only offered one week of class each period.  But God has blessed the ministry and it is expanding greatly.  Look at the October class schedule below:

October 7-9, The Mission of the Church I,  Dr. Warren Lathem in a first-time extension course in Nirgua.  We expect at least 20 new students to attend. 

October 10-14,  Personal Evangelism, Professors Chris Walker and Dan Dunn, on the main campus.

October 10 -13 and 24-27, Self-Confrontation IV, Dr. Alberto Mendoza, on the main campus.

October 14-16, The Mission of the Church II, Dr. Warren Lathem, extension in Nirgua.

October 24-28, Transformational Worship I and II, Dr. Warren Lathem, main campus.

We simply ask for your prayers and financial support for this great ministry.  Specifically, we need you to pray for:
The students to have the heart and the resources to be able to attend these classes.  Pray that these classes will have a transformational impact on the church in Venezuela and the rest of Latin America.
The faculty and staff to be protected from the attacks of the enemy and to serve with the holy love of Jesus, revealing their deepest intimate relationship with Christ.
The resources to be able to do all the above and continue to expand the ministry.  This ministry is funded primnarily by relatively small gifts. None is too small.  We get monthly gifts of $5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. Perhaps you could include us in your monthly giving? 

Please prayerfully consider sending a gift to:
Venezuela Now, Inc.
PO Box 1655
Duluth, GA  30096

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