Saturday, November 19, 2011

Routine, But So Necessary

Often the work of the Seminary is so spiritual the presence of the Holy Spirit is almost tangible and the transformation is obvious as lives are eternally changed.  Classes erupt in genuine and heartfelt repentance and confession, renewal and praise.  Those times are beyond description.

However, most of the time, the work is just plain hard and ordinary.  Here is an example.  We are having to augment the water containment system by adding two very large new cisterns.  These cisterns will hold over 10,000 liters of fresh water.  The requirement is due to the intermittent water supply provided by the city.

In order to install the cisterns we have to remove a junk tree and dig a footing to pour a 12 inch thick steel reenforced concrete pad.  The pictures here of the beginning of that work to prepare for the construction of the pad and the installation of the water cisterns.

Unfortunately, one of the constants of life in Venezuela is ants - giant biting ants.  The digging of the footing exposed a huge colony of these indigenous residents of the Seminary property.  They require removal.

That process has been completed and now the footings are being dug in preparation for the pouring of the concrete pad.  Why is this news?  Because this improvement allows the Seminary to successfully host classes and church groups in excess of 100 persons.  This will multiply the ministry of the Seminary while solving one of the most pressing physical plant problems: Water.  Abundant Water.  While we may take that for granted in the US, it is not the case in the cities of Venezuela.  So, this improvement greatly enhances the campus in its ministry to the students and churches of Venezuela.

Giant Venezuelan Ants
Thank you for your help in this ministry.  Your gifts make this possible.  You may make a gift by sending a check to:
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May God richly bless the alumni, students, faculty and staff of the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela as they reach the lost of their nation, Latin America and North America. And may God bless you for your prayers and giving to this ministry.

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