Thursday, May 24, 2012

Great Report From Veneazuela


  Exciting News:

I just learned of a church pastored by a Student in the Seminary which had a mass baptism of many new followers of Jesus Christ.  This would not be news in some places, but it is of great significance in Venezuela. It is the most secular country in Latin America. It is a country where 40% of the communities have NO church and many more have no effective congregation.  It is a country where 60% of the people live in what we could call “Shanty Towns.”

It is in this world the ministry of the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela is making an eternal difference by training pastors to be effective in ministry to this nation. That is resulting people coming to Christ, new churches being planted, the sick visited, prison ministries, media ministries, medical ministries, food ministries and so much more.

Next week Drs. Jim Powell and Jim Seaton, UMC pastors in California, will be teaching “Pastoral Counseling and Congregational Care” at the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela.  The students will be blessed to learn from these effective pastors.  They will be teaching during the day classes on the Campus in Cabudare, La Piedad.

At night, alumnus Pastor Victor Ramirez will be teaching a course on “The Life of Christ.”  We are excited for “Thoby” will be teaching. He is an effective pastoral leader in the Methodist Church in the eastern part of Venezuela, Puerto Ordaz.  He is also the founding pastor of the Methodist Campmeeting which meets each year during Holy Week and has been responsible many new followers of Jesus. Thoby is one of the capable pastor/teachers we are raising up to teach in the Bachelor’s program in the Seminary. Thoby will be teaching in the night classes for the next two weeks.

On June 2, Dr. David Cosby, Dean of Students, will be teaching the first part of the “Disciple” course at our extension program in Nirgua. Then June 4-8 David will be teaching “Holiness in the New Testament” at our main campus.

All of these are great courses and will be of tremendous help to the pastors and students in the Seminary and will result in many more people coming to Christ, the hearts of the students changed and the sick healed.

Thank you for your giving.  As we pray and prepare for our August Graduation events we are much encouraged.  Not only will 12-14 students receive their Bachelor of Sacred Theology Degree, but we will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Seminary and break ground on the new Medical Clinic we are going to build on the Campus.

Now we need $12,000 for the August classes, the Graduation Events, including diplomas, medals, dinner, and other events; the celebration of the 10th anniversary and a significant capital project for the event, and the festivities of the Groundbreaking. 

Would you like to give a special one-time gift for one of these causes?  Simply make your check to Venezuela Now, Inc. and mail to PO Box 1655, Duluth, GA  30096 or you can give through PayPal* (see instructions below).

May God richly bless you for blessing the world through your prayers and giving to the work of Christ in Venezuela.
In Christ,

Warren Lathem
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