Friday, March 31, 2006

Barquisimeto: Home of Wesley Seminary


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Barquisimeto is the capital city of the State of Lara located in west central Venezuela, halfway between Caracas and Maracaibo. Coordinates: 10°3′50″N, 69°18′56″W.

Barquisimeto is a city with strong agroindustrial roots, surrounded by a sugar cane valley and near to one of the largest vegetable production regions in Venezuela: El Valle de Quíbor (The Quibor Valley) and Sanare. Also, Barquisimeto is very close (about a 55-minutes drive) to the most successful wineries in the tropical countries: Viña Altagracia

First founded by Don Juan de Villegas in 1552 and named Nueva Segovia de Varequesemeto it was later moved to several places until 1563 when the town finally settled in its present location. Barquisimeto is today a modern town, fourth most populated in the country; highly important for its situation in the middle of the west-central axis of communications, industries and agriculture of Venezuela.

Barquisimeto is a very successful industrial and commercial centre. It has one of the biggest markets in Latin America called Mercabar, where about 80% of the food produced in Venezuela is gathered and then redistributed to the rest of the country, and various shopping malls like Las Trinitarias, Ciudad París and Babilon (also known as Babylon).

Population: 1.050.000

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