Saturday, May 13, 2006

Report from the Herrins

Tucker First UMC in Tumeremo!!!

We were thrilled to receive our first mission team, a group with Pastor Tom Pilgrim from the Tucker First UMC in the Atlanta area.

Tucker UMC came to help the wonderful people of the Pan de Vida UMC in Tumeremo with an expansion of their present facility. Pastor Cheo and his congregation received the team with all the grace possible. The team ate well, worked hard…and slept well at the end of the day.

Mortar was mixed, block laid and paint applied. In the end, showers and bathrooms stood where there had been empty space before.

Of course, we’re doing more than building buildings here. We enjoyed a ‘painful’ game of soccer! We loved on children and adults. Best of all, relationships were built and lives changed. What a great week in Tumeremo!! Thank you, Suzanne, for great planning!!!

We give GREAT THANKSGIVING for those who came, and for those who stayed behind in the US and prayed ann supported those who came to be with us. AMEN!!!

Jon and Jeanne Herrin

Missionaries to Venezuela

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