Monday, May 08, 2006

Rev. Efrain Morales - Visionary Leader

Pastor Efrain Morales is the founding pastor of Ondas de Paz United Methodist Church in Cabudare, Venezuela. This church meets in his home. He has also planted churches and missions around Barquisimeto, including Lugar Altisimo UMC pictured in this blog. At least three other United Methodist Missions have been started by Rev Morales or those working with him, such as Pastor Yolanda at Lugar Altisimo.

One of the greatest strengths of Efrain is rasing up young new leaders in the United Methodist Church of Venezuela. At least two of the missions are being served by youth who have been evangelized and discipled by Pastor Morales. He is a great example and leader of all the UMC ministry in Venezuela, now consisting of 25 churches and missions.

While doing all this he has not been able to purchase land or build a church structure in Cabudare. Now is the time to move on this opportunity. A site has been idnetified which we need to help the Ondas de Paz congregation purchase. The cost is $60,000 and we have raised $25,000. Perhaps someone reading this post would like to help us with the additional needed funds (see the blog header for directions for contributions).

Both Efrain and Bethsaida Morales are students in the Wesley Seminary of Venezuela and are in the first graduating class, graduation scheduled for Auguat, 2008. Previously, Efrain attended the Assembly of God Bible Institute and Bethsaida has the eqivalent of a Mastor's Degree in Education and was a career public school teacher.

The Morales' have 3 children, all of whom live in Atlanta: Hur Morales and his wife, Lucy, serving the United Methoidst congregations at St. Stephen and Hollydale in Marietta, GA, and their three girls; Betha Morales who works in Alpharetta; and Lim Morales Lathem, wife of Jared Lathem.

Both Efrain and Bethsaida Morales are the examples of the great spiritual, moral and ethical leadership present in the United Methodist Church of Venezuela. They provide this excellent leadership not only in their own congregations and missions, but to the entire UMC in Venezuela. And, oh can they sing!

Pray for Efrain and Bethsaida as they serve so effectively and selflessly. Also pray for them as they miss their three children, daughter in law and especially their three grandchildren. This is a family who loves Jesus and serves him faithfully.

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