Monday, September 18, 2006

God Faithfully Provides

The attached aerial photo shows a brand new development in the acquisition of a site for the Wesley Seminary of Venezuela. We just received a price for the 10 acres+/- you see indicated on the photo directly across the street from the 32 acres. The good news is that we are acquiring it for a very reasonable price and already have a donor for the full purchase price! Praise God!

Someone asked me why we would want an additional 10 acres when we are already obtaining title to 32 acres and still do not have the money to build even the first dormitory. There are several reasons. First is the fact that the 10 acres is almost comnpletely flat land, land we need for some of our planned uses. We will place at least a baseball field and a soccer field on this site. There are some other uses we are looking at, but are not ready to announce.

To learn more about what God is doing through the United Methodist Church and the Wesley Seminary in Venezuela, come to the Information and Celebration event noted below on September 29, 206, 7:00pm at the North Atlanta Community Church on Holbcomb Bridge Road in Roswell. Over 90 people have made reserrvations representing at least 9 different churches. Come and discover the exciting news of God's activities in Venezuela.

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