Wednesday, September 20, 2006

When 32 acres becomes 24

We just got the first stage of the survey completed for the large site for the Seminary. Suddenly we discovered what we had been told was about 32 acres appears now to be closer to 24 acres. While this is still a large tract with some challenging topographical features, it is complimented with the 10 acres across the street that we are trying to purchase through the generosity of one of our donors. Of course, when we get it surveyed, it may also be a different size.

Whatever is the final determination for the total area, the fact remains this site is a great location for the Wesley Seminary of Venezuela. It is a beautiful place, convenient to Barquisimeto and transportation, with a moderate climate similar to the high desert around Tucson, AZ.

With the work of surveying, purchasing, titling and designing the building and master plans for the seminary, a lot is happening very fast. Keep up with what is going on. Come to our Information and Celebration event for Venezuela Now, Inc. on September 29 at 7:00 at the North Atlanta Community Church in Roswell. Join us as we give the latest information and celebrate what God is doing through the United Methodist Church of Venezuela.

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John said...

That's wonderful news!