Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bishop Lindsey Davis to Teach in January Seminary

Bishop Lindsey Davis is preparing to make his second trip to Venezuela, this time to teach in the January Session of the Wesleyey Seminary of Venezuela in Barquisimeto. His first trip was in August of 2005 when he took the entire North Georgia Conference Cabinet on a mission trip to Venezuela. As far as we know this was the first ever foreign mission trip for an entire Conference Cabinet. Bishop Davis has prepared the material he will teach in this class on the History of Methodism.

The students are very excited to have Bishop Davis teach as many of them met him and attended worship where he preached when he was in Venezuela in 2005.
The students of the Wesley Seminary are among the most responsive and respectful students the various faculty members have ever had the privilege of teaching. They are eager to learn and many of them immediately apply their learning in their local church ministries.

In addition to Bishop Davis' teaching, the deans of the seminary will gather information from the student body that will greatly expand our data base for the work of the seminary. Some of this information will be appropriate to share on this site at a later date.

Please pray for this week of seminary. Things continue to get more difficult in Venezuela due to the political environment. We are working as diligently and faithfully as we can while we can.

It is imperative we train as many pastors and lay leaders as possible while the door is open. We have no idea how long this door of opportunity will stay open. We know the Lord opened the door and no man can close it. However, we are not privy to God's grand design for the United Methodist Church of Venezuela or the Wesley Seminary of Venezuela. However, we do know that today t
he door is open. We will be faithful if you will pray.

While we are in Venezuela in January, I hope to meet with an architect and surveyor to begin the next steps on the construction of the seminary campus. We also hope to finally get title for the future seminary site so we can begin exploration for an adequate water source, the first step in the development.

Pray for safe travel. Pray for the students. Pray for the Bishop. Pray for the Administration and Staff of the Seminary. Pray for the Missionaries to Venezuela. Pray for the lost of this great country. Pray for more laborers in this rich harvest field.

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