Monday, January 29, 2007

January Seminary a Great Success

North Georgia United Methodist Bishop Lindsey Davis traveled to Venezuela to teach a week of classes on the Theology of John Wesley. As usual, he did an excellent job and was most appreciated by the students. About 50 students attended the session which lasted from Monday afternoon until Friday afternoon. They received 3 credits toward their "Bachelors" degree from the seminary (It is an undergraduate degree equivalent to a Bachelors degree in the US).

unfortunately, the Assembly of God students were away on a denomination's retreat, and that reduced the enrollment by about 20 students. However, most of the students who attended the seminary class were United Methodist or very interested in and supportive of the United Methodist Church of Venezuela. The reduced class size allowed more one on one attention by Bishop Davis.

In addition to the Bishop's teaching, Warren Lathem taught two hours on the modern rise of the "Apostolic Movement" and how it is divorced from both the New Testament precedent and historic church practice. The Dean taught two hours on Holiness in the Wesleyan Movement. Both of these were a part of the Wesleyan Theology course work.

The seminary continues to grow and develop more strength and reputation among the evangelicals of Venezuela. It provides a high quality theological education in an accessible format and at an affordable price. The students' tuition pays the cost of the rental of the facility and charitable dollars from churches in the US pay for all teacher, administration, books and material costs.

You, your Sunday School Class, or your Church can sponsor a student's education for one year for just $1200. We need your help. Please make this a matter of prayer.

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