Friday, July 18, 2008

McEachern Goes Home and Tucker Arrives

The 17 person Mission Team from McEachern UMC in Powder Springs, GA just completed a very successful mission trip to Punto Fijo where they worked with the churches of Obispo Juvenal Perez. Many activities filled the week as they did construction, street evangelism, Vacation Bible School, Recreation and other activities. Venezuela Now ministry assistant, Samuel Rojas, hosted the team. This was the first time he has had full responsibility for a visiting team. He reported to Warren today that the team had a great time. While three members had some health issues, the team left Venezuela safely. (See previous post for some of the complicating details of this event.)

Samuel returned to Barquisimeto yesterday and left today for Caracas. He will greet and bring the next team to Cabudare. Tucker First UMC, Tucker, GA will arrive tonight about 11pm. Samuel, with the assistance of Gustavo Moron, trusted van driver, will transport the team to the Mission Guest House in Maiquetia where they will spend the night. Tomorrow they will drive to Cabudare for a reception hosted by the Ondas de Paz United Methodist Church of Venezuela. Sunday morning will feature a special Children's Day at Ondas de Paz followed by a Bar-B-Que. Monday will see them continuing the construction and renovation of the Ondas de Paz facility.

We (Warren, Jane, Jared, Lim and Zoe) arrived in Caracas on Wednesday night and drove to Cabudare on Thursday. Today has been a day of rest. We will join the Tucker Team tomorrow for some orientation. We will worship with them on Sunday. Our Academic Dean and his wife have worked diligently in preparation for receiving us and the Tucker Team. Please pray for them as well as the Team and the congregation and pastor of Ondas de Paz.

Meanwhile, pray for the purchase of the Seminary property. Everything is advancing, but transactions of this nature take months here under the very best conditions. Pray for the lawyers, government officials and the seller and buyer to all act in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. Also, pray for additional resources for this purchase. We will pay approximately $110,000 when the property closes and then pay the balance, $250,000 more or less, approximately 6 months later. We are able to make the first payment. We are praying for the funds for the final payment as we do not possess those at this time. However, God is faithful and we are learning more and more how to trust in our Lord's provision.

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