Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tucker Arrives and Inflation is Rampant

The team from Tucker UMC is arriving in Cabudare as I write this post. They have had a long drive from Caracas and will be tired, but excited to attend the reception at Ondas de Paz United Methodist Church. We will meet them at the Mission House about 6:00 for dinner and orientation.

Work here is absolutely full of challenges. We are awaiting the delivery of some things critical to the comfort of the team.

Additionally, inflation is horrible. Today we paid 24 Bolivares Fuerte ($11.16US @ 2.15Bf/$1) for a roasted chicken at the CM Supermarket here in Cabudare. Inflation of food prices is currently about 50% per year. Total inflation is between 30-40%. This is very difficult for the vast majority of the Venezuelan population. We are reminded of the great sacrifice when we visit in a Venezuelan home or church and they serve us the very best of food and beverage. It is a humbling experience to be the recipients of such selfless sacrifice. We know their hospitality is taking food off their table, but the Venezuelan people, especially the Christians, are so genuinely gracious. What a privilege to serve with them.

Pray for the safety of the Tucker team and for all the logistical issues facing the work to be resolved. God is faithful.

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