Friday, August 08, 2008


After 35 years in the ministry I have witnessed many worship services where no opportunity for response had been planned or executed effectively. The typical response to the sermon in mainline churches is to "open the doors of the church' or receive the offering.

There is a better way. This book, written by Dan Dunn and me, explores the method and power of preaching for response. When properly applied the principles set forth in this book can transform the church and reach the world with the Gospel of Christ.


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The laser sharp focus of "Preaching for a Response" is profound and yet simple. Warren Lathem and Dan Dunn intentionally speak in plain language. They believe hearing is not enough. Authentic transformation mandates that pew persons must also comprehend, understand and respond.

However, this helpful and very practical gem moves far beyond one more fill-the-pew formula. Here is a passionate, articulate apologetic by two seasoned pulpit warriors to cut to the core of fruitful preaching. It is do what Jesus did! Offer the transformational Word and open the door for response. Speak the Gospel with a concerted, clear, intentional opportunity for hearers of the Word to become responders to the Word.

The message in this volume is not about slick. It is about the difference between life and death. The difference is Preach for a Response.

Lathem and Dunn are practical. They maintain the every pastor can learn to preach for a response. Every pastor can begin now. A bonus of six illustrative sermons is included in the bargain.

For sure, this power volume will become required reading for my students.

Dr. William C. Goold

Asbury Theological Seminary

Dwight M. and Lucille S. Beeson Professor of Church Music
William Earle Edwards Professor of Church Music

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