Saturday, August 02, 2008

Two Steps Forward, One Back

Years ago I learned that it takes twice as long and takes three times as much money to do business in Venezuela as we were originally t0ld. This has proven to be a conservative estimate. Nothing happens quickly.

Yesterday we thought we would sign the purchase agreement for the Seminary Property in La Piedad. However, the agreement arrived from their attorney at 9:30pm the night before. We reviewed it with our attorney and discovered several issues still to be resolved. Our attorney leaves Monday for a few days in Spain, a trip that both parties knew was scheduled. If we had received the agreement a few days before signing, we might have been able to resolve the issues before her departure. Now we will wait.

An example of the huge amount of time it takes to accomplish business here is we have been trying to close on a private house purchase for over 5 months. It will be another month before all this is complete. This is the purchase by a private individual which will provide a home for our American workers here and guest housing for visiting professors.

So we continue to press ahead, know that all will be done in God's time. We are confident that our Lord is Lord of all including business dealings in Venezuela.
In the meantime, we prepare for August Seminary, Graduation and a mission team from Mount Pisgah UMC and McEachern UMC. The difficulties do not make the the work any less rewarding, only more challenging. However, through the training provided by Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela and the work of the United Methodist Church of Venezuela, the church continues to grow, lives are saved and the poor are served. Pray for the work.

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