Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not Glamorous But Necessary For The Kingdom

Almost no one wants to dig ditches or pour footings for Jesus. Most of us want to serve "on flowery beds of ease," as the old Gospel song says. However, great work for the Kingdom requires doing whatever is necessary for the sake of the Gospel. How many miles did the Apostle Paul walk to spread the Gospel throughout Asia Minor and eastern Europe? How many times was he beaten, shipwrecked, cold and hungry? Why would he endure such hardship for the sake of the Gospel? He had been captured by the grace of Jesus and was compelled to share that Good News.

Sharing that Good News in 2009 in Venezuela through the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela requires digging in the hard ground to pour footings for the security wall surrounding the property. At this time, this is the most pressing structural need of the Seminary. Not glamorous, but necessary for the Kingdom.

Therefore, the work is progressing in preparation for the arrival of a mission team from Due West UMC, Marietta, GA. The foundations will be poured so Due West can construct the walls around as much of the property as time will allow. They will need to be folowed by successive work teams to complete this very large project. Not pretty, but absolutely necessary.

"Thank You" to those who have given, to our Veneezuelan partners who are working and the team from Due West UMC. It matters! For eternity!

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