Thursday, February 05, 2009

Testimony of Student/Pastor Ramirez

Toby Ramirez is the pastor of the House of God United Methodist Church in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela and a 6th year student at the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela. This leader of the United Methodist movement in Venezuela recently had this to say about the seminary:

"The Wesleyan Seminary has affected my life in more than a positive way, in a great way, because without the Wesleyan Seminary I would not have been able to withstand or persevere in the practical day to day ministry. Pastoring is not easy, nor is teaching the word of God but the Wesley Seminary of Venezuela has affected my life. For the first time I saw holiness in the Bible and also learned the inductive Bible study method. I have come to know persons very different from me who have been examples of how to love and serve the Lord, such as the brothers that come from the United States, Pastor Warren, Dan Dunn, David Cosby and many others, as well as their wives, who have been touched by the power of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have learned many things that I have put into practice in my church and shared with other pastors. I have shared the materials I have learned at the seminary with other people and in truth it has been a beautiful experience. We give thanks to God and to all the brothers that have given each dollar and given other things they have sent down, I give thanks to God for you all. Thank you for helping to see that Venezuela would also be won for Christ. God bless you."

We (all of us at Venezuela Now, Inc. and the Wesleyan Seminary of Venezuela) are so blessed to know wonderful people as Pastor Toby and Pastora Elizabeth Ramirez. What a great opportunity God has given us to be in partnership with such effective Christian servants.

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