Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Report of June Seminary

Dan Dunn just completed a week of teaching Theology of Evangelism at the Wesleyan Seminary of Venezuela. 41 students participated in this intensive week of training, and they brought with them a strong passion for reaching non-Christians with the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.

The entire week went very well, as the students covered a wide range of topics related to evangelism. What is the gospel? What is the goal of evangelism? What are some possible ways to phrase an invitation for someone to become a Christian? How can we educate and motivate all Christians to participate with the Holy Spirit in evangelism? Is evangelism a specialized ministry or something all Christians have a role in? Especially exciting for Dan was hearing from one of the students who took a Church Growth course last August and told him this week that the Church Growth course invited she and her husband to get involved in a new church plant that is now ministering to 262 couples. This is a prime example of why we feel so strongly called to this work in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Christians have strong faith and deep passion. With just a little guidance in the Seminary, they become empowered and motivated to do amazing things in cooperation with the Lord to help bring other people into the embrace of God's love.

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