Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seminary Students Reaching Out

Franklin and Hilde Peroza are students in the Wesleyan Seminary of Venezuela who serve as leaders in the married couples ministry of their local church in Barquisimeto. They have recently reported that this summer their church sponsored a special ministry utilizing the Fireproof film. The film was shown in their congregation, with a strong emphasis on inviting unchurched friends and family members. Following the film viewing, they entered a 40-day period of focusing on ways to fireproof their marriages. This 40-day period was concluded with a special event at the church that included Christian counselor and pyschologists being on hand for a long and very helpful question-and-answer period. Thanks to God's grace, 1200 people attend that event, many of whom were unchurched non-believers. We are thankful for the wide vision and strong faith that we see in so many of the Venezuelan congregations, and for the small role that we get to play as we partner with the Holy Spirit to provide training, encouragement, and support.

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