Friday, October 30, 2009

Report from Seminary Class

Carol reports from seminary:

"In September the students were made aware that Chef Ana ministers to the students by cooking out of the goodness of her heart, she does not make a 'salary' for this, though we do give her a love offering. The students decided to collect a food box to give to her at the end of the September class. This week they have collected food to give to Anna, our custodial services director. They will present this to her tomorrow at the end of class. This was orgainzed by Alex and Ama, pastors of the local UM church. Besides Alex and Ama there are 3 or more lay people attending seminary class from their church. Their ministry at the church includes 5 cell groups for children, the weekly average is over 100 children. Most of these children do not attend the church yet but are being touched with the love of Christ through these groups."

Thank God for these dedicated servants!

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