Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back in the Saddle

God is faithful. Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela continues to educate pastors and Christian workers in the only affordable and accessible under graduate full seminary experience in all of Venezuela. Our Dean recently taught over 40 students the "Inductive Bible Study Method," a prerequisite for all our Bible courses. In a couple of weeks, Kelly Falany Brumbeloe will teach a course in the lesser epistles and the Dean will continue with the regular curriculum.

As the primary writer of this Blog and acting President of the Seminary, I have been AWOL for quite some time. Last September I had emergency surgery. Subsequently I developed MRSA Staph infection. I was on an antibiotic IV for three months and heavy oral meds for a couple more months. God gave grace to defeat the Staph, Praise his name. Then on June tenth I underwent Gastric Bypass Surgery. The surgery went great. However, I developed several serious orthopedic and neurological problems. When I got home, I was totally immobile from the waist down. But again God is faithful. While I still have to get around in a wheelchair, I am SO MUCH better and I give glory the the Great Physician. Still not able to travel to Venezuela, but maybe soon...

In the meantime, we need to raise operating capital for November and December and we have a $30,000 debt service payment due on December 31. We are almost without any funds. So we need your prayers and major financial gifts. Please send a check to Venezuela Now at the address indicated above.

God continues to bless the nation of Venezuela through the seminary and the many ministries of our graduates and current students. Pray for the seminary and pray of the funds.

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