Sunday, November 15, 2009

Long Term Mission Partnerships

Often US churches spread their mission dollars to dozens of worthy projects.  The impact of their giving and service is minimal since it is unfocused.  Churches with effective mission impact focus their financial and human resources on long-term partnerships with indigenous ministries.  Such has been the case with the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela and the churches which have supported this work.  The result is a shared partnership in ministry that outlives the short-term team visit or the few dollars invested.

An example of this is the partnership evidenced by the repairs to the small house on the Seminary property seen in these photos.  The roof was ruined and had to be replaced.  US mission dollars provided the materials and the congregation of a student's church provided the labor.  The Venezuelan students and graduates are taking a greater and greater "ownership" of the seminary.  Through their participation in the educational process of the Seminary they discover the great value of this affordable accessible Theological Education. They see how this education is greatly enhancing their ability to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, make disciples and plant new churches and preaching places.

We welcome your church as a partner in this ministry.  What a difference you can make!  Contact me at for more information.  We need your help.

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