Monday, April 10, 2006

Future Seminary Site?

The directors of the Wesley Association of Venezuela and the Board of Venezuela Now, Inc. are prayerfully considering securing the above property for the site of the Seminario Wesleyano de Venezuela. This 32 acre site is located just a few miles from the main bus station in Barquisimeto (the primary mode of transportation for our students) and just a block off the Pan American Highway. It is the site of the Lugar Altissimo United Methodist Church shown above during the initial stages of construction.

The area is a high desert much like Tucson, Arizona, USA. It is a place of natural beauty and marvelous weather. While the afternoons can be very hot, the evenings generally are quite cool and comfortable. We are also exploring the availability of adjoining property and considering purchasing more land if funding becomes available. This site is currently in a rural area. However, Barquisimeto is rapidly growing in the direction of this property. The city's largest mall is being built on this side of town and the major regional bus terminal is under construction on what is now the edge of town. In the few years we have been traveling to Venezuela, we have seen rapid growth of the city in the direction of this property.

We believe the location is adequate for the present and will be quite strategic in the future. The cost of the property allows us to acquire a large tract (32 acres) versus a comparable cost for one or two acres in the city. It reminds one of the one-time rural location of Emory University in Atlanta and how it is now in the heart of the city. We believe in time this will be the case with this property.

Of course, if we decide to acquire this land and locate the seminary on this location, we will have a great deal to do to get ready for classes. The first step will be to complete the church which will serve as our first classroom. Concurrently, we will have to build our first dormitory and dining area. Pray for funds and human resources to complete these initial stages. Pray for those of us charged with making this strategic decision to be completely open to God's will and secure in whatever decision the Lord leads us to make - for the sake of the lost of Venezuela.

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