Thursday, April 20, 2006

Orphanage Construction Begins!

Site preparation is completed as Mount Pisgah, Venezuela Now, Inc. and others begin construction of our first orphanage in Venezuela. This structure will house 20 children and is located adjacent to the Lugar Altisimo United Methodist Church. The orphanage project has been part of our ministry plan for a couple of years and we are excited to see it finally begin construction. If you would like to contribute to the construction cost or perhaps send a team to work on this exciting project, just contact us. This will be a great mission trip for your church or group.

Pastors Efrain and Yolanda will oversee this project. Yolanda is not only the lay pastor at Lugar Altisimo UMC, but also a Social Worker responsible for 8 Childcare Centers in the area focusing on the needs of poor working families. In her spare time she is a fourth year student at the Wesley Seminary of Venezuela.

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